Natalia Vodianova guest-edits Russian Vogue

We just saw the copy of March 2008 Russian Vogue and it's all about Natalia Vodianova. Photographed by everyone including Steven Meisel and Mario Testino, the lovely Mrs Portman appears to be hotter than ever... are you as thrilled as the Russians?


  1. I love Natasha! She's awesome:)

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  3. How does she avoid gaining weight?
    Vodianova recommends the Blood Type Diet, which she says cured her of her digestion (and ulcer) problems. But, then again, it might be worth taking Vodianova's advice with a serious grain of salt—she also says that she had no issues with losing weight after her pregnancy. Wonderful! sometimes it is just convenient to admit that that kind of body will never be yours :P

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